Three things

My goal for this blog is simple: Pick three things that really matter to me. Nurture them. Write about it.

Why three?

I asked myself that question. Two seemed too limited in scope, more than three seemed too many to focus on.

Being the thinker I am, I needed to find some sort of logic for choosing to break things down into three main parts.

So I thought about some of the things that come in threes.

Every epic project, as a great strategist knows, involves planningexecution, and review.

Every story, as a great writer knows, has a beginning, middle, and end.

Every thriving network of relationships, as a great leader knows, comprises of mentors to look up to, peers to journey with, and protégés to pass on your knowledge to.

Which coincidentally, happened to tie back to the things I really cared about.

As a thinker, I like systems that put things in order and cut unnecessary clutter. (simplify.) As a writer, I enjoy plot and structure. (write.) As a friend, daughter, and lover, I treasure relationships as my source of meaning in life. (live.)

I realise that each of these three things are complex in themselves. But by looking at everything in my life as falling into one of these three categories (sometimes overlapping too), I saw that things can be simple. Not simple in terms of being easy to do or understand, but simple, in terms of being pure. Absolute. Sheer. Unadulterated.

These are the things that make me me. The things that keep me up at night and get me out of bed in the morning. Now that I have identified these things, I can start taking steps to nurture them, and get rid of the stuff that doesn’t really matter (that I have been fooled into thinking does).

We only have one life. 24 hours in a day. 60 seconds in a minute.

Why waste it being anything less than what we were created to be?

What are your three things?