Stop counting

I know I started this blog with counting. Counting the things that matter.

But there are some things we should stop counting.

Stop counting the hours at work.

Stop counting the sacrifices you’ve made for your partner.

Stop counting the times you’ve tried and got nowhere.

If you care about something enough,

you don’t count.

you don’t calculate.

you don’t fixate.

you don’t obsess.

You believe.

You pour all your energy into shaping and growing and nurturing it, and are so engrossed in doing so that the minutes and hours and days and years slip by and you don’t even notice or realise.

You invest as much as it will take. No effort or expense is too much.

If there’s something about it that’s not working, you work around it. You find a way to fix it. You are willing to stick at it until it flourishes and grows. Because you believe it will grow.

Don’t waste your time doing things you don’t believe in.

Obsessing over stuff that doesn’t matter is a subtle but deadly addiction.

If you can’t stop keeping score, don’t do it.

You were meant for so much more.