I started this blog for three reasons: Decide what really matters to me. Do it. Write about it.

I am the kind of person who would do everything, be everything, try everything, go everywhere if it was humanly possible to do so in one lifetime.

As a result, life has been a little crazy trying to fit into 24 hours each day the million things I want to do.

I had plenty of drive, but lacked focus and a clear direction to channel my energy towards.

I toyed with the idea of choosing three things that really matter to me, three things I couldn’t imagine living without, and really focusing on growing and nurturing those things.

Which led to this blog.

A journey towards

making things simpler (so I have more time and energy to do stuff I really care about),

living fuller (and enjoying every bit of the ride), and

writing better (for the sheer love of it, because I cannot not write).

Because even in a frantic, high-speed, high-tech society, life can be simple.

And it’s too short to waste doing things you don’t care about.

My name’s Crystal, and I haven’t been able to stop writing since I was old enough to string sentences together. By day I work in Media & Communications and by night I try to juggle dozens of writing projects and experiments I wish I had more time for.

My dad’s a writer, so I’m told writing is in my blood. But I can’t seem to get it out of my heart either. Since kindergarten, I’ve written to express, but recently I’ve leaned towards more purposeful (though still expressive) writing. These days, I spent most of my time exploring and writing about things I care about, like learning, personal development, healthy living, leadership, relationships, effective communication, and the power of technology to bring positive change.

If writing, creativity, and a desire to live better and change the world is the stuff that keeps you up at night and makes you hop out of bed in the mornings, I think we’ll get along brilliantly.



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