life is short. fail and fail fast.

life is short.

too short to wait for that one perfect relationship that will bring you eternal happiness.
to craft that one perfect campaign that will win you international fame and awards.
to hold out for that one perfect job that will rocket-launch you into the career of your dreams.
to produce that one perfect video that will go viral.
to compose that one perfect song that will land you a record deal.

life is too short to wait for one. perfect. shot. at something. at anything.

life is short, and the ones who win at it
are those who don’t wait for perfect.

those who admit they don’t know it all.
who are willing to explore.
who try as many things as they can.

who are forever adapting, modifying, tweaking, building, revising, adding, subtracting,
working with whatever they’ve got.

because they know the fastest way to succeed is to fail, and fail fast.

the faster you fail, the faster you discover what doesn’t work
and the faster you get one step closer to discovering what will.

these are the ones who discover, as they push themselves out of their comfort zones, that there is no one right answer to life. there is no one fixed path to success.

that sometimes, you end up wanting something you never thought you wanted. and the things you thought you wanted are not really what you want at all.

these are the ones who live each moment and season to the fullest. who drink in the depths of every small victory, but also every defeat, every question, every crossroads, every dry spell.

these are the ones who realise that the real success is not in what you achieve,
but in how much you enjoy the ride along the way.

so even though they dream big, it doesn’t matter so much if they achieve their dreams they way they hope to. they find new dreams in every new dawn, every turn of the page, every bend in the road.

and sometimes, sometimes, along the way, without trying too hard for that one perfect shot, they achieve it.


2 thoughts on “life is short. fail and fail fast.

  1. Beautiful Crystal! Can I republish it in my blog, translating to portuguese and referring to you as a special invited writer? =)

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