I choose Joy

Instead of despairing at a dead end,

I will choose to forge a new trail.

Instead of saying “Things will never change”,

I will choose to change them.

Instead of avoiding,

I will choose to confront.

Instead of running away,

I will choose to fight.

Instead of giving up,

I will choose to give more.

Instead of waiting for courage, a sign, someone else –

I will choose to do it afraid, uncertain, and alone.

Instead of blaming others,

I will choose to take responsibility.

Instead of letting it rain on my parade,

I will choose to dance in the rain.

I will own my choices,

my day,

my abilities,

my satisfaction,

my happiness.

And I will choose joy.

No soul that seriously and constantly desires joy will ever miss it. Those who seek find. -C.S. Lewis


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